Client Testimonials

“I had a great experience doing a photo shoot with Lisa at her studio and in the woods. I am a self-described non-photogenic person who generally feels awkward in front of a camera, but Lisa guided me in such a way that I felt comfortable the whole time and also had a lot of fun. The fact that my photos came out so beautifully is 100% because of Lisa’s talent as a photographer and I will definitely continue to recommend her to all.” -Kara K.

“Before being photographed by Lisa, I really struggled to find a reason to call myself beautiful. I couldn’t see it. Not only did I find the pictures of me beautiful, but I felt like a gorgeous and powerful woman during the shoot. It was empowering. As a woman who struggled with body image, these incredible  pictures remind me I am a fierce woman to be reckoned with, not just a body to be picked apart.” –Noelle F.

“The experience of being photographed was not new to me, but the experience of working with Lisa was. I felt at ease at a much deeper level than I have in the past, and felt more genuine and more like myself than I ever have in front of a camera. I love having images to share professionally and personally that I know not only are physically flattering, but that really showcase who I am, and genuinely look like me. I am able to see parts of myself in Lisa’s work that I wasn’t sure were perceptible to other people. In Lisa’s images I can see many facets of my personality, and I like what I see! At first I felt a little self conscious and awkward, but by the end I felt totally at ease, like a professional. I receive so much great feedback about the pictures Lisa took of me, I’m always happy to share them. The experience of doing the shoot was so fun, and it was a really special experience for my mom and I to have together.” -Laura S.

“Lisa Shifren transforms me into a babe every time. “-Laura M.

Behind the scenes with Cathy M. getting her professional makeover in the studio before her photo shoot. Get pampered onsite for your photoshoot, then plan a night out on the town afterwards since you will be looking and feeling fabulous!

Behind the scenes in the photo studio with Gail and Eli